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  5. New research on malnutrition, which leads to childhood stunting, suggests that a root cause may be an abundance of human waste polluting soil and water, rather than a scarcity of food.

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    Civil War Food- Legend Of The Hushpuppy (or cornbread ball)

    To a far greater degree than anyone realizes, several of the most important food dishes that the Southeastern Indians live on today is the “soul food” eaten by both black and white Southerners. Indian boiled cornbread is present in Southern cuisine as “corn meal dumplings”, … and as “hush puppies”, -Hudson, Charles (1976). “A Conquered People”. The Southeastern Indians. The University of Tennessee Press. pp. 498–499.

    • The first recorded reference to the word “hush-puppy” dates to 1899
    • In the old south Hushpuppies are said to have gotten their name from the dredging of the catfish that would have been thrown out. Being thrifty, the cook from the house would send them down the slave quarters and the women added a little milk, egg and onion and fried it up. It is said they were tossed to the dogs to keep them quiet while the food was being transferred from the pot to the table. “Hush puppy! Hush puppy!”
    • Another theory for Hushpuppy history- Confederate soldiers would sit beside a campfire preparing their meals. If they detected Yankee soldiers approaching, they would toss their yapping dogs some of the fried cornmeal balls with the command, “Hush puppies!”


    Kitchen Sink Hush Puppies, Pepper Jack and Ham, Deep fried Cornbread.http://www.foodiewithfamily.com/2012/04/17/kitchen-sink-hush-puppies/



  8. Is the toilet seat really all that dirty or dangerous?


  9. During the apartheid era, residents in black townships were provided with an outside bucket instead of flush toilets like those in houses in white suburbs.


  10. Terminology for outdoor cooking is where culture, region and meat collide. Here’s what the word you use for your gathering says about who you are and where you’re from.

    "Southern folk understand barbecues to be defined as outdoor grilling affairs that must include chicken and ribs and may include fish. Anything else is merely a cookout."